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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that provides direct support for mothers, children, and their caregivers while battling cancer.

In 2020, a profound journey of hope and resilience began with Fighting Cancer Today (FCT), forged by the unbreakable bond between Cierra Johnson, a daughter, and founder, and Anita Johnson, a mother and co-founder. Their hearts, scarred by the relentless grasp of cancer, yearned to ease the burden faced by patients upon returning home from hospitals and treatments. In 2019, Cierra, a warrior who had triumphed over breast cancer twice, realized the profound need for essential non-medical support. Anita, a compassionate caregiver who had selflessly stood at the forefront of countless battles, joined forces with her daughter, and from their shared thoughts and dreams, FCT emerged, a testament to love's unwavering strength. Together, we pledged to walk side by side, embracing patients, families, and support teams united in their valiant fight against cancer. For we understand that our collective power shines brightest when we stand united, and our unwavering dedication echoes throughout the hearts of those battling in Southern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and the surrounding areas.

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Creating a Community of Love and Support


"I’m so grateful for all Fighting Cancer Today has done. I no longer have to walk this journey alone. They show they care, and I’m honored to be amongst such beautiful people."


  • Comfort Kits
    $180 or $15/month will provide four comfort kits for four families. Each kit helps restore hope and comfort to a cancer patient or their caregiver. Each kit includes personalized support items to manage and bring relief from the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Transportation
    $300 or $25/month will provide one month of transportation assistance allowing families to receive the care and treatment they need by not missing a doctor’s appointment. The average cancer treatment lasts 3-6 months for chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Utilities
    $300 or $25/month will provide one month of electricity, gas, or phone service for a family, allowing them to stay warm and connected to their family, friends, and doctors.
  • Food
    $300 or $25/month will provide healthy meals for one month for a family of 2, removing the stressors associated with the increased cost of food, meal prepping, and grocery shopping for a family.
  • Housing
    $1,200 or $100/month will provide one month of living expenses for the rent/mortgage & utilities. Your support will allow them to maintain stable housing & working utilities while in treatment.
  • Home Ownership
    $1,200 or $100/month will help one family become homeowners while battling cancer. This program supports the closing cost for cancer patients who become homeowners, giving them a place to call home and peace of mind.

Join The Fight!

We provide financial assistance, support, and comfort kits for cancer patients and their families.

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