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4th Annual "Race for Life"

Why We Keep Racing

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Every year, the shadow of cancer touches our community, leaving in its wake thousands grappling with diagnoses and the loss of loved ones. At the heart of our annual event is our founder, Cierra, whose own journey with cancer over the past five years has been both challenging and inspiring. Despite the hurdles, Cierra has made a powerful vow - to keep racing, no matter what. But Cierra’s race isn’t just about her own battle; it's an open invitation to everyone. It's a call to join hands, hearts, and feet on the ground.


This event is for those who are fighting, for those who have fought, and for the families and friends who stand by them every step of the way. It’s more than a race; it's a beacon of hope and a symbol of our unwavering support. We invite you to be part of this poignant journey. Run with us, walk with us, support us. Each stride we take together is a powerful message of solidarity and strength. It’s a promise to our loved ones and our community that they are not alone in this fight against cancer.


Join us, and let’s turn our collective hope into action. Together, we can light up the path of support and show that no one has to face this journey alone.​ Register Today:

2023 - 5K Race Gallery

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