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  • Comfort Kits
    $180 or $15/month will provide four comfort kits for four families. Each kit helps restore hope and comfort to a cancer patient or their caregiver. Each kit includes personalized support items to manage and bring relief from the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Transportation
    $300 or $25/month will provide one month of transportation assistance allowing families to receive the care and treatment they need by not missing a doctor’s appointment. The average cancer treatment lasts 3-6 months for chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Utilities
    $300 or $25/month will provide one month of electricity, gas, or phone service for a family, allowing them to stay warm and connected to their family, friends, and doctors.
  • Food
    $300 or $25/month will provide healthy meals for one month for a family of 2, removing the stressors associated with the increased cost of food, meal prepping, and grocery shopping for a family.
  • Housing
    $1,200 or $100/month will provide one month of living expenses for the rent/mortgage & utilities. Your support will allow them to maintain stable housing & working utilities while in treatment.
  • Home Ownership
    $1,200 or $100/month will help one family become homeowners while battling cancer. This program supports the closing cost for cancer patients who become homeowners, giving them a place to call home and peace of mind.

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