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Support Programs

We recognize one's emotional support as a pivotal part of their healing.

Support Cafe & Socials

We provide personalized care packages to meet the essential needs of patients, families, and caregivers.


Health & Wellness Kits

DMG Exteriors and Fighting Cancer Today have partnered to provide one new roof annually to an eligible cancer patient.


The Cierra Roofing Grant

Our goal is to connect families with financial education and support to remove their financial burdens. 


We provide personalized care packages to meet the essential needs of families.


Comfort Kits

We have collaborated with Globe Life Liberty National to provide additional protection for you and your loved ones.


Globe Life Insurance

Complete Program Guidelines

Guidelines for Applicants Seeking Emotional and Financial Support Services


As a dedicated cancer nonprofit organization, we aim to provide comprehensive support to individuals and families affected by cancer. This includes both emotional support and financial assistance for various needs. Below are our guidelines for applicants seeking support, outlining the application process, communication methods, and types of financial assistance available. Please read these guidelines carefully to understand the process and what to expect.


Application Submission and Review Process


1. Application Timeline: The review of your application will take approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of submission. We appreciate your patience as we carefully consider each application to ensure that we can provide support to those in need.


2. Scheduled Appointments: Our services are provided based on scheduled appointments available on certain days of the week. This system allows us to manage our resources effectively and provide personalized support to our applicants.


3. Scheduling a Call: Applicants will have the opportunity to schedule a call with our team. This call is a chance for us to better understand your needs and discuss the support we can offer.


4. Application Completion: Your application must be fully completed and include all required information and documentation. Incomplete applications will be denied. Ensure accuracy and completeness to facilitate the review process.


Financial Support Programs


Our financial support programs are designed to alleviate the financial burden on families and individuals facing cancer. These programs include, but are not limited to, assistance with:


- Rent and Mortgage: Financial assistance to help cover your housing costs, ensuring stability during your treatment and recovery.


- Utilities: Support with utility bills such as electricity, water, gas, and internet, to maintain essential services in your home.


- Groceries: Assistance in purchasing groceries to ensure you and your family have access to nutritious food.


- Gift Cards for Meals: Provision of gift cards for restaurants or meal delivery services, offering convenience and variety in your meal options.


- Travel: Support with travel expenses related to medical appointments, including gas cards, public transit vouchers, or assistance with lodging for out-of-town treatments.


Communication & Service


1. Email Communication: All updates regarding your application status will be communicated via email. Please use an active email address that you regularly check to ensure you receive our communications.


2. Confirmation Required for Services: No financial assistance or services will be provided unless confirmed via email response. This ensures clear communication and proper allocation of our resources.

Important Notes


- No Guarantee of Services: Submitting an application does not guarantee you will receive services. Availability is based on resource allocation and specific applicant needs.


- Application Denial: Applications not meeting our criteria or lacking required information will be denied. Review your application for completeness and accuracy before submission.


By applying for support from our organization, you acknowledge and agree to these guidelines. Our mission is to support as many affected individuals and families as we can, and adherence to these guidelines ensures we can do so effectively.


For questions or further information, please contact us at We're here to support you during this challenging journey.


Thank you for considering our organization for your support needs.


Join The Fight!

We provide financial assistance, support, and comfort kits for cancer patients and their families.

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